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The people of Atlantis face an impending disaster: despite their technological development, their world is slowly being destroyed. In an effort to save their civilization, the Council developed the OTAK–a virtual environment that serves as a technological portal between Atlantis and other worlds. The OTAK features two components, a personalized online portfolio and a virtual 3D space.

The 3D space contains the different worlds created by the Council, and each world features several villages that present a series of challenges called quests, which are designed to help restore the Atlantian knowledge. Through the OTAK, people from other planets can help the Council by engaging in quests and sharing their experience, wisdom, and hope.

Today’s youth with their adventurous optimism can especially contribute the sort of knowledge that the Council seeks. Become a Quester and help save Atlantis!

Quest Atlantis is housed at the CRLT
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